English Dog having a frequent style of own nature

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There are various types of dogs which is not found in India. Many dogs are from foreign countries like Germany, England, America, USA etc. English cocker spaniel dog is also not found in India. These species are basically from England. This type of dog is very active; good in nature, sporting etc are the features. The other nickname of the dog is cocker, a cocker spaniel. The characteristics of the dog showing are intelligence and alertness. The dog is well- balanced and its eyes are dark. The height ranges between some to 15 to 17 in inches while the weight lies between 26 -35 pounds. Lifespan is around 12 to 14 years.


Some English cocker spaniels bark a lot because of boredom, fear or frustration. We recommend grabbing the best dog silencer in order to keep your dog from barking. These dogs can be difficult to train in-house. These dogs are family loves dogs, who love to spend time with the family. These dogs are classified under the hunting class because their inherent property and intention of hunting, whenever they roam out they get an inner zeal to hunt for small animals. Their personality is soft. If you want to train this of dog you should not make them fearful. You should always treat them politely and gently.

Types of spaniel’s dog

The English cocker spaniels dogs are of two types:-

  • Land spaniel.
  • Water spaniel.

There are some British spaniel breeds like English springer, Irish water spaniel. The weight of all spaniel dogs is less than 25 pounds. Or we can say 15 to 16 inches. This type of dog is friendly towards people. He is playful in nature.


There are various characteristics of this type of dogs. These are as follows:-

  • The first and foremost character of this dog is that they are gentle and polite in nature. They share a friendly bonding with family. At one point they become aggressive when they are trained they should be trained politely.
  • They are active and cheerful. They are basically trained dogs for army police etc. To find the best remedies for them they are carefully dogs. They can’t harm anyone without any mean.
  • The color of this dog is basically black, red with brownish pigmentation, golden color etc and so on.
  • They can cope up in any situation. They can be used as pet dogs also.

Health Issue

Whether it is people or animal the health-related issues is seen in everyone’s life. The most important issue seen in they are cancer. They also have various other health-related issues given below:-

  • Eye problems- They rub their eyes a lot due to which they face this problem.
  • Hip dysplasia- Due to this problem their hip joint becomes weak. It should be replaced as early as possible.
  • Deafness problem- Due to this problem they can become deaf. At 4 weeks of age, they can have this problem.
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy- Due to rapid heartbeat always takes them to diagnosis and do a test like an x-ray.


Always take care of your pet animals. They are your friends and have a careful nature. Always contact doctors for dogs if your dog is not well. Always trust your dog and have faith in him. They will always remain best buddies of yours. Read more about this dog and dog products at this website.