Cute and Cuddly Cocker Spaniel

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The English Cocker Spaniels or simply Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and active dogs. They are cheerful and family friendly. Having a favorite in their families is a real prospect. They require constant attention and socializing early does wonders on them. These are sporting group of dogs according to AKC.

Stunning looks

It’s a sleek, silky breed of dog. It greets you with an ever wagging tail. They are such an eye candy. Their hair is the core of their beauty. They are loyally sweet and playfully friendly. They are affectionate to their favorites.

Celebrity love

From TV presenters to presidents, everyone has been smitten by Cocker’s stunning looks. Oprah Winfrey has 3 Cocker Spaniels, rather than just one. Harry S Truman had Feller, his pet dog. Similarly President Nixon had Checkers. The Spaniels were poster boys for various cosmetic products. A couple of them made it to the news after sniffing out cancer at hospital.

Straight from Spain

These dogs are from 14th century Spain. They are one of the few dogs to travel to the states through Mayflower. They were bred to hunt game bird. Their primary game was Woodcock which attributes to the name, Cocker.

Ambiguity in nomenclature

Way back in Spain, not all Cocker Spaniels were called the Cockers. The little ones were called the Cockers, whereas the bigger ones were called Springer. The bigger Spaniels sprung bird game from their hiding spots. It’s why they were referred to as Springer. Moreover, it is called the English Cocker Spaniel worldwide, whereas in the U.S, they are just Cocker Spaniels.

Expressive eyes and ears

Their elongated floppy ears and dark round eyes are the first few things you would notice. The ears are cute and flowing. When you look a Cocker in the eye, you feel like opening up to some real person. That’s how expressive and cute they are. Their compact body makes them the smallest of sporting dogs. It is even the smallest of the Spaniels.

Apartment dwellers

You need to provide Cocker Spaniels with stress free environment. They are notably apartment dwellers as of late. Courtesy of their small size, space is never the issue. Nevertheless, they must have adequate exercise.

Life Expectancy and health

Most Cockers live longer than a dozen years. Just ensure you make enough trips to the vet. Cockers are prone to cataracts, knee cap issues and ear infections. Keep constant attention to the ears. Keep the ear hairs flapped down to facilitate ventilation.

Grooming & Training

Just keeping their ears clean isn’t enough. Dog owners are required to clean its entire body. Training is possible with the Cocker Spaniels. However they can get a little stubborn. If they are not trained at all, they can possibly develop a bit of aggression. They tend to pick up on territorial behavior.

Summing it up…

Cocker Spaniels make amazing family pets. They can live in any environment. They require regular grooming and visit to the vet. Barring a bit of resistance, these intelligent dogs are easy to train.